Stuart Dryburgh, ASC

Filmography: (as director of photography, theatrical features in bold type)

Untouchable (TWC) Neil Burger 2017 USA
The Only Living Boy in New York (Amazon) Marc Webb 2016 USA
Gifted (Fox Searchlight) Marc Webb 2015 USA
The Great Wall (Legendary) Zhang Yimou 2015 USA
Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass (Disney) James Bobin 2014 USA
Odyssey (NBC Universal pilot) Peter Horton 2014 USA
Blackhat Michael Mann 2013 USA
Emperor Peter Weber 2012 USA/Japan
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Ben Stiller 2012 USA
I Don’t Know How She Does It Doug McGrath 2011 USA
Luck (ep 003) Allen Coulter 2010 USA
Luck (ep 002) Terry George 2010 USA
Texas Killing Fields Ami Canaan Mann 2010 USA
Luck (HBO pilot) Michael Mann 2010 USA
Living in the Material World (doco) Martin Scorsese 2009 USA
Clinton Global Initiative (doco) Martin Scorsese 2009 USA
Boardwalk Empire (HBO pilot) Martin Scorsese 2009 USA
The Tempest Julie Taymor 2009 USA
Amelia Mira Nair 2008 USA
Nim’s Island Jennifer Flackett & Mark Levin 2007 USA
New Amsterdam (tv pilot) Lasse Halstrom 2007 USA
The Girl in the Park David Aurburn 2006 USA
Shine a Light (as camera operator) Martin Scorsese 2006/2007 USA
No Reservations Scott Hicks 2006 USA/Australia
The Painted Veil John Curran 2005 USA/China
Aeon Flux Karyn Kusama 2004 USA
In My Fathers Den Brad McGann 2003 UK/NZ
Beautiful Country Hans Petter Moland 2002/2003 USA/Norway
The Recruit Roger Donaldson 2001/2002 USA
Kate and Leopold James Mangold 2000/2001 USA
Bridget Jones' Diary Sharon McGuire 2000 UK/USA
Runaway Bride Gary Marshall 1998/99 USA
Analyze This Harold Ramis 1998 USA
Poodle Springs (HBO movie) Bob Raphelson 1997 USA
Sex and the City (HBO pilot) Susan Seidelman 1997 USA
Portrait of a Lady Jane Campion 1995 UK/USA
The Bar (short) Dorthe Scheffmann 1995 NZ
Lone Star John Sayles 1995 USA
The Beach (short) Dorthe Scheffmann 1995 NZ
Sense of Place (documentary) John Bates 1994 NZ
The Peres Family Mira Nair 1994 USA
Once Were Warriors Lee Tamahori 1993 NZ
The Piano - (AAN) Jane Campion 1992 AUS/FRA
An Angel At My Table - AFI/NZ Jane Campion 1989 NZ
Fender Bending (documentary) Chris Todd 1988 NZ
Kitchen Sink (short) Alison McLean 1988 NZ
The Leading Edge Micheal Firth 1986 NZ
Mighty Civic (documentary) Peter Wells/Stuart Main 1986 NZ
Jewels Dahl (TV drama) Peter Wells 1985 NZ

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